Start with a turks head knot, the one in the knots used section will do the job.
Double and bring one end through the opening in the centre of the knot, and tighten.
Finish the bracelet with the necklace knot. If you click on this knot you will get the pictures how to make it.
Measuring how long the string needs to be is difficult, when opened wide it needs to slip over the hand and it needs to be closed to as tight a fit as the wearer finds best. If you work with a small amount of string make a test piece in different string of about the same size, if you have a lot of the string, take the string much longer than you think you will need and cut it only when you have finished the bracelet.
These are a few extra drawings to help you making the bracelet.
The first tells you where to go through the heart of the turks head knot to make it a nice bead on your string, fold the knot upward while tightening.
The second and third shows how to position the strings and where to make the necklace knot.
The fourth shows how to double the 3 bight 4 lead turks head knot

In the next set of pictures you find some variations. I have used the same knot as above, (the four bight, three leads,) not doubled 3 and 8 times and I used the three bights, four leads, see the button in the used knots, single, not doubled, single doubled and in a set of three, doubled.

If you really like this kind of work you find a few more ideas in the knot boards with knot board 3, the jewel knot board.

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