Turks head knot
To make a little button or ball, make a turks head knot and tighten it. I have used different colours to make it easier to read the pictures, you can take whatever colour near at hand.
Start with a loop,
make the second loop over the first and pass under the starting string,
weave the string through, one up one down till you are at the bottom.
Start following the knot, I have done it on the inside, but if you have worked tight, you may follow on the outside.
Now you tighten by pulling the starting string a little, follow that string and where it has slack again, pull the slack along till you get out at the other end. Often you have to repeat this two or three times.
While tightening you can put in a little paper or plastic rolled into a ball, or leave it empty.
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©Willeke 2002