Knots used
When you want to know more about the knots I used, click on the picture of the knot and there is an explanation.
The thumb knot or overhand knot.
The knot is well known, its name less.
Splice back to a round braid.
Make a braid when you do not have four strands available. Once you know it, it is very useful.

Round braid of four strands, the traditional way.
The easiest way to make a round braid.

Round braid of four strands, alternative way.
A different way to make the same braid, it seems easy but you get lost very fast.
Turks head knot.
To make a small button, a mat or a ring.
Three bight, four lead turks head knot.
An elongated button, can be used as animal head.
Ocean mat
An elongated mat. Folded over a good head for dangerous animals.
Shamrock knot.
A decorative knot, to make three loops, or two loops between other knots.
The filling for the wing.
Here you get the filling. Click here for the version in mirror image.
Crown knot.
The knot that is at the base of multi strand knot tying.
Crown knot reversed.
The version 'against the clock'.
Crown knot over two.
A variation, looks like the normal crown knot but can be used in different places.
Wall knot.
An other variation on the crown knot, the same knot up side down.
Crown knot.
Now with eight ends.
Crown knot over three.
With eight ends, over three.
Diamond knot.
With four ends, 2 versions.
Diamond knot.
With eight ends, over one and under one.
Diamond knots.
A different way to make these knots, and a few variations.
Petal knot.
A knot that is not well known, here with four ends.
Petal knot 'up side down'.
With four ends, worked in a different direction.
The star knot.
With four ends. Click here for the version with the smaller drawings.
The star knot.
More explanations and versions. Just text.
The square knot.
A well known macramé knot.
The crossing.
A useful macramé trick.
The square knot, turning.
A well known macramé knot, now twisting around.
The square knot, turning the other way round.
A well known macramé knot, now twisting the other way.
To start the square knots in a point.
A way to start macramé.
The half hitch knot.
A simple knot in many versions.
The larks head knot.
Often used to start macramé work.
The necklace knot.
To close necklaces and bracelets.
These knots are often also known by other names but these are the names I used. Where I could not find the names, I have made them myself.
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