Thumb knot
If you ask people to tie a knot in a piece of string, this is the knot you most often get. Many people do not know its name. It is known by a lot of names but in the english speaking world 'thumb knot' seems its daily name and 'overhand knot' is a more formal, often used one.

You see in the pictures that there are two versions of this knot. Often it does not matter which one you tie but if you have to tie a lot of thumb knots close together, stick to one. If you tie this knot in the construction of an other knot, often it does make a difference, if it does, you can read the right one in the pictures.

Version 1
Start with a loop, crossing over your string.
Bend the end backwards.
Through the loop and out to the side, over the string.
And pull tight.
Version 2, the mirror image.
Make a loop, crossing under your string.
Bend the end over, forwards.
Through the loop and out to the side, under the string.
And pull tight.
This is a basic knot, often used in other knots. And when you tie it, most likely your hands do already know what to do.
If you work in laid rope or string it might be that the one version gives a better looking knot than the other. If so, try to use the better looking version.
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