Take a bit of string and tie a knot.
This is the base of a nice hobby. It allows you to make animals, flowers, wall decorations and other fancy objects. There are useful decorative objects as well, like light pulls, key fobs, bell ropes, bags and a lot of others.
In this web site I want to give you a taste of this hobby. If you like its flavour and want to try more, in the books and on the net you will find more knots. Projects are not as readily available but those are published too. Maybe you are able to make your own designs when you have seen what I have done. Use your imagination to its limits.
I'll try to give you as many 'how to make this knot' pictures as possible, and alternative ways to do the things, as possible.

I did not design these animals and other projects to be toys, and several, like the dragonfly, will not stand up to much handling.


When you make toys out of string or rope be aware that some kinds of string and rope may shed oils, chemicals and/or fibres. Sometimes they are added in the process of making the rope or string and sometimes they are part of the structure and will be leaking out of the string or rope for the length of its life. This need not worry you if you make a figurine to sit on a shelf but is extremely important if your child decides to suck on it, especially for a longer time. Never use second hand materials of unknown origin for knot work to be sold or given, rope is used in places where chemicals might spill, and often they do not show on the rope.

The information in this website is meant for use by adults, children will be able to make most of the projects when guided but if you work with children be aware of the dangers, they do not know how dangerous a piece of string or rope can be. The materials you will use when making the projects of this website can be life threatening when not properly used and are not meant to be toys. The finished projects do have, at times, long lengths of string or can shed string that may be hazardous for children. Never leave young children alone with these objects. For their safety it is best never to give children below 3 years of age toys you have tied yourself. With children between 3 and 6 years each case has to be judged to see if it is safe to give the child the object. In case of doubt, safety first.

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