Square knot, turning the other way round
This knot turns as well, but in the other direction.
Place your strings on the table like you did for the other square knots.
Take the string at the right and bring it over the other strings, leaving a little loop at the arrow.
Now you take the string at the left and bring it over the other, than go under de two central strings, and under the horizontal part of the other string to come out of the little loop.
Keep working from the same side, so now the string from the right goes over the other strings first, again.
And now the other string goes over the newcomer, under the central ones and the horizontal part of the other string and out of the loop.
You can continue with this knot if you want, keep working from the same side. You will notice the bar turning. Let it, flip it over when you have done a couple of knots and keep working from the right side. The colours will be mixed all the time.
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©Willeke 2002