I have recently bought the plastic string called scoubidou because of the brand name, it is also sold under different brand names and without brand name. It is at times called scoobidoo or knot string.
Often the sellers give some explanation on paper with the string but many times those are just not good enough, sometimes they are not clear at all and many times there are questions they do not answer.
I have made some instructions to be printed on A4 for my own use, I put them on the net so others can print them too. Now there are four pages, if you want more information you can click on to home and go to the main site.

Instructions Page 1.
The most used knot.
Instructions Page 2.
An other easy knot.
Instructions Page 3.
Tying with more strands, round.
Instructions Page 4.
A crocodile and tying with more strands, flat.
You can mail me if there are questions after these instructions, my address is in the section Willeke.
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