This is a key-fob beginners are able to make if they get a little help. If you are a beginner and follow the instructions you should be able to do it without help. Many experienced knot tyers often make a key-fob like this because it works quick and it helps to remember the knots for more difficult work.

To make a key-fob take two lengths of string. (1 meter/yard each, or a little longer.) I took blue and pink. Fold them as in the picture and pin them together with a safety pin. Note the loop above the pin in the red string, this is to put the key ring in.

To start: make two crown knots and tighten them real hard before taking out the pin.
Follow with a diamond knot. Tie a first crown knot before you tighten the diamond knot.

Next make crown knots again. Alternating in direction. This means work to the right in the first and to the left in the second. They will get a square shape.

Go on with crown knots till you have 4 or 5 cm (1 1/2" or 2"), the exact dimensions are not important.
End your key-fob with the star knot. If you are a beginner you may not be able to tighten the star knot real tight, do not panic, tie a crown knot over 2 in its centre and pull that one tight. This will finish your work.

I like to leave a little tail under the star knot, frayed. If you do not like it, cut close to the knot.

A variation, I made it in green and pink, starts with the same set-up, with the pin, making a loop. Two crown knots and pull real tight before taking out the pin. If needed tighten again. Next one wall knot, one crown knot and one wall knot again. Continue with crown knots, all in the same direction, becoming round. Finish as above, with a star knot, and a crown knot over two in its centre.
I cut the strings in this key-fob short at the star knot.

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