You'll get instructions and bigger pictures when you click on the flowers.
Instructions. Flower bud.
The start, each flower comes out of a bud.
Want to know more? Flower 1.
A first flower.
Want to see another? Flower 2.
A second flower.
Not difficult. A bell flower.
The first flower with the petal knot.
You can do it. Flower 3.
With another version of the petal knot.
Also within reach. Flower 4.
And another with that knot.
Like the animals. A leaf.
To make a nice arrangement.
General. Text.
To give you more information.
The collection grows.
These flowers are based on the same knots as bell ropes, but the fancy use allows more variations. The stems are braided.
A little help?
If you make big or heavy flowers, maybe the stems are not sturdy enough. You can reinforce them by braiding around a piece of wire. A good flower shop will have it and also a good craft shop should have the special flower wire. If you do not like the wire to be seen you can feed it into one or more of your strings before braiding, pay attention that that string stays the same as the others. You can also feed the wire into a piece of string and use it as a central post to braid around. If wire does not work for you, you can also stiffen the stem with glue, see the animals section for more details.
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