Crown knot over two
This knot is a variation on the crown knot and is made in the same way.
Place your string on your worktop, like the spokes of a wheel, if you have a worktop with a hole in it you may put the rest of your work trough the hole.
Number the strings with the clock, the one in the nine o'clock position as number 1.
Take the number 1 string and put it over the numbers 2 and 3, and place in on the table, leaving little loops at the arrows.
Now you take string 2 and bring it over string 3 and 4 (and automatically string 1) and again leave a little loop at the arrow, (it is the spot with the x you need.)
Number 3 string needs to do the same, but to get that one it has to go through the loop of string 1.
And string 4, but to get that one it has to go through the loops of string 1 and 2.
Tighten carefully, putting equal pressure on each string. One way to get them real tight is to place the thumb of one hand on the knot and tighten with the other hand.
You can see that the strings have moved more now. The knot will not be as tight.
You may repeat this knot as many times as you want but it is also useful as end knot on simple work. When you work with six, or more, strands this knots works better in endless repeats than the single crown knot.
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