Four strand round braid, traditional method.
Take two (or four,) strings, if you can get them, pink, red, and two shades of blue.

Arrange your strings like this and pin them down on your workspace. Take the outer string on the right and let it jump over the next two strings, move it back one place by going under the nearest string, let it rest between the two it just jumped and rearrange them to make space.
Take the outer string on the left and jump two places, go back under one, let it rest and make space. After each set of moves, take hold on all strings and move them (in two's) away from each other and back.
You can see the braid became tighter but the order of the strings is still the same. Repeat the movements, outer right, than outer left, tightening, till your braid is long enough.
Hold your braid at both ends and twist both ways to test whether you have done it right.
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